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Dave Anderson statement on Bob Crow's death

"I am desperately saddened by news of Bob's untimely death. I worked with him and his union for years and you always knew with Bob that what you saw was what you got. The world of work is weaker... [more]

Please back this appeal for full rights for Iraqi trade unions

Iraqi Trade Unions Need Our Support Over the years Eric Lee of Labour Start has circulated many important appeals on behalf of Trade Unionists who are struggling throughout the world. His appeals on behalf of the Iraqi Trade Union Movement... [more]

Promoting rights for Iraqi Unions

LFIQ Joint President Dave Anderson has tabled a Commons motion on Labour and union law in Iraq. That this House notes that the international trade union movement has urged successive Iraqi governments to amend the labour and trade union laws... [more]

Learning from comrades

Writing in the Times today, LFIQ Joint President Dave Anderson MP says the international community should have intervened in Iraq earlier Ten years ago, I was utterly opposed to the invasion of Iraq. At the time I was President of... [more]

Iraq - ten years on

The following letter appears in a truncated form in this week's New Statesman. It is my personal view of the coverage in that paper of the 10th anniversary of the anti-war march and the intervention. Those who founded LFIQ in... [more]

Workers' rights in Basra

Despite warm words when LFIQ met the Iraqi PM in Baghdad in 2008, the position of the independent labour movement in Iraq (there are differences in the Kurdistan Region) continues to alarm those who favour trade unions, alongside other independent... [more]

Why Labour people should back the campaign to recognise the Genocide against the Iraqi Kurds

Luke Akehurst at LabourList explains and links to e petition... [more]

Freedom of Expression is Indispensable for Building Democracy

National Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Iraq A number of news agencies, websites and Iraqi newspapers have published a document issued by the Iraqi Intelligence Service (Directive No. 3061, dated 20 February 2012) that requested pursuing activities... [more]

Campaign to officially recognise the Genocide against the Kurds of Iraq

e petition... [more]

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