Inquiry should hear from Iraqis

At Progress. Denis MacShane hopes Iraqi civil society representatives are allowed to speak. They were ignored by democracy as they suffered under Saddams tyranny. They have been ignored by many as they have fallen victim to the all-out assault on the elected Iraqi government by its state-sponsored and jihadist Islamist opponents. Let us hear from the people of Iraq as much as from our own politicians and officials.

Kirkuk bomb

Our thoughts go out to the families of those killed and injured in this atrocity. We urge the authorities at all levels to work together to bring those responsible for this action to face the full force of the law. The international community must stand together with those whose lives are in turmoil because of the activities of terrorist organisations and refuse to give way to them no matter how low they stoop in their campaign of terror. Dave Anderson, Joint President, Labour Friends of Iraq and Gary Kent, Director of LFIQ

ICP condemns bombings in Baghdad

The Iraqi Communist Party has condemned a series of bombs in Baghdad saying that the recent wave of bombings serve, ultimately, to obstruct the restoration of Iraqs full sovereignty and independence, and the implementation of the timetable for withdrawing foreign forces, thus prolonging the presence of occupation forces.

Victory for Iraqi Teachers Union

LabourStart reports a welcome victory for union rights in Iraq – the Iraqi Teachers Union won a legal battle against the government on 7 May. The landmark ruling against the government decision … to take control of the ITU was a symbolic victory and stopped the government move to dismiss the ITU’s democratically elected leadership. LFIQ will continue to campaign for full union rights and compliance with international standards