Hands off the Iraqi Teachers Union!

LFIQ fully supports the TUC on this issue and LFIQ supporter Dave Anderson aims to raise this in the Commons. TUC statement The TUC, representing people at work in Britain, and comprising 59 unions with other 6 million members, calls on the Iraqi Government and Iraqi political parties to cease their interference in the free and independent Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU). In particular, the TUC calls on the Iraqi authorities to release Ibrahim al-Battat, the leader of the ITU in Basra, and withdraw the arrest warrant for Jasim Hussein Mohammed, the national leader of the ITU. The Iraqi Government and … Continue reading Hands off the Iraqi Teachers Union!

National Platform for Iraqi Women

With parliamentary elections approaching, Iraqi women are looking for ways to ensure that their voices and concerns are not excluded from the political debate. For the past several years, the ability of Iraqi women to contribute to policy debates has been constrained by security concerns, political instability and corruption. Though Iraqi women are slowly increasing their involvement in government, political parties and civil society organizations, they are still largely absent from decision-making positions within those bodies. The National Democratic Institute has published this useful report.