IPO Iraq News Analysis

By Yasser Alaskary Jan 30, 2008 Changing Politics Politicians and analysts interested in Iraq saw the passing of the Accountability and Justice Act, which largely reversed the more extreme elements of de-Baathification, as a sign of some positive progress, but most have failed to recognise the sea-change occuring in Iraq’s political landscape. Since the handover of power in 2004, Iraq’s political arena has been divided across sectarian lines, with the Shia coalition at its centre, and a Kurdish and a Sunni coalitions. With the sustained improvement in security over the last few months, these divisions have largely melted away. Fed … Continue reading IPO Iraq News Analysis

Troops out how?

Harry Barnes examines how it might be done, starting with this useful quote from Mother Jones … its not just the administration that has its head in the sand; to varying degrees, we all do. For those of us who argued against invading, it is tempting to simply demand an end to “Bush’s War” and wash our hands of it. But as General Anthony Zinni, former head of U.S. forces in the Middle East, told us, “Your conscience is not clean just because you’re a peace demonstrator.” In other words, just because you weren’t in favor of going in doesn’t … Continue reading Troops out how?

LFIQ replies to Seumas Milne

From our work with Iraqi trade unionists over the last few years, including a top-level meeting with their leadership in Iraq, we agree with Seumas Milne (Those who talk democracy should listen to Iraqs people, 9 January) that the withdrawal of foreign troops is vital to national reconciliation in Iraq. This is a far cry from previous calls for immediate withdrawal of those troops before the elected Iraqi government has established its own security capacity to avoid a devastatingly dangerous security vacuum. As we have often heard from our Iraqi comrades, their intervention wasn’t negotiated but their withdrawal must be. … Continue reading LFIQ replies to Seumas Milne