Iraq after Tunisia and Egypt

It is too soon to know how events in Egypt will develop but we should certainly hope that the outcome is a form of democracy that protects pluralism, is based on transparent and independent institutions and which allows groups like the trade unions to flourish. Iraq is ahead of the pack in that it is slowly rebuilding a federal democracy. The physical and psychological weight of its tragic past under decades of fascism doesn’t evaporate overnight. There are fears that an inability to provide basic necessities such as electricity will convince people that democracy doesn’t deliver but a strong man … Continue reading Iraq after Tunisia and Egypt

FCO on Iraqi unions

LFIQ Joint President Dave Anderson tabled a written question in the Commons to ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what recent discussions he has had with his Iraqi counterpart on the role of trades unions in Iraq. This is the reply Alistair Burt: Our ambassador in Baghdad discussed concerns over the treatment of unions in the Ministry of Electricity with the Electricity Minister in August 2010. The right to form and join trade unions in Iraq is embodied in the Iraqi constitution, a principle to which this Government attaches great importance. Embassy officials maintain a regular … Continue reading FCO on Iraqi unions