Securing Iraq (2) The Murder of Lameah Abed Khadouri al-Sakri

An Iraqi woman MP, Lameah Abed Khadouri al-Sakri, was shot nine times n the chest and head by a terrorist yesterday. She was an MP representing a secular party and was, according to the Times, ‘an advocate of women’s rights’ who was ‘known for here work with widows and orphans’. A former schools inspector, and a Shia Muslim, Ms al-Sakri may have been murdered as a woman by the radical Islamists, as a Shia by Sunni sectarians, or as an MP by the Ba’athists. As a democrat she will be honoured. (AJ)

Democratising Iraq (9) New Report calls for Federal Iraq

An important new report, ‘Power-Sharing in Iraq’, written by David L. Phillips, a senior fellow and deputy director of the Council for Foreign Relations Center for Preventive Action, recommends a “federal system of governance that preserves Iraq as a unitary state, advances the aspirations of ethnic and sectarian groups, and is administratively viable. Federal Iraq states should control all affairs not explicitly assigned to the national government.” The report examines the ownership of Iraq’s energy wealth, disarming militias, the status of Kirkuk, individual and group rights, and the role of Islam in Iraqi governance. It also outlines roles for the … Continue reading Democratising Iraq (9) New Report calls for Federal Iraq

Democratising Iraq (3) South Africa Agrees on New Iraqi Ambassador

Thabo Mbeki, President of the Republic of South Africa has given his government’s agreement on the nomination of Mr. Kasim Abdul Baqi as a new Iraqi Ambassador to South Africa. The general elections in Iraq and the prospects of a new representative Iraqi government have paved the way for the South Africa government’s acceptance of the new Iraqi ambassador. (AJ)

Reconstructing Iraq (5) Iraqi Woman and the Beautiful Game

Iraq’s national women’s football team will participate in the second Arab championship arranged by the Amman Club in Jordan. The first group consists of Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, the Orthodox and Al-Jazeera, the second of Syria, Bahrain, Palestine, Amman Club and Jordan junior team. And no Uday Hussein on hand to torture the players who score own goals. (AJ)

Reconstructing Iraq (4) Explosion in Foreign Language Learning

The Iraqi higher education and scientific research ministry has announced a rapid rise in foreign language learning since the fall of Saddam. Azzaman newspaper reports the Minister as lamenting the disconnection of Iraq from the external world and celebrating the fact that today universities are expanding language departments to cope with demand. (AJ)

Reconstructing Iraq (3): USAID in Iraq

US Agency for International Sevelopment (USAID) works with the Interim Government of Iraq and NGO’s to reconstruct Iraq. To find out more about its work check out March 24 issue of Reconstruction News. (AJ)

Ken Livingstone on George Galloway

“I’ve known George for 20 years and there’s always been something about him that you can’t quite put your finger on. You feel that behind all the rhetoric, it’s all about George, its always about George” (The Independent, April 21 2005) (AJ)