Deputy Leadership Response on Iraq

Our Joint President Dave Anderson has asked all candidates for the deputy leadership of their Labour Party for their views on solidarity with the Iraqi labour movement. The first response is from Alan Johnson MP. Gary Kent Director LFIQ As a Trade Unionist myself, I have been inspired by the resurgence of the Trade Union movement in Iraq and see this as a key example of a new, democratic, pluralist society emerging. On the specific question of Iraqi government policy, it is not a matter that I feel we should necessarily directly interfere in. I will use my influence to … Continue reading Deputy Leadership Response on Iraq

Dave Anderson raises Iraq union solidarity with Gordon Brown

Blaydon MP Dave Anderson collared Gordon Brown at the Labour leadership hustings in Newcastle to raise the issue of trade union rights in Iraq. Mr Anderson, who is the chairman of the Labour Friends of Iraq, has supported free trade unions in that beleaguered country since he was the president of the public service union, Unison. “One of the few positives in the whole mess that is Iraq has been the rebirth of the Iraqi trade union movement, almost exterminated by Saddam Hussein,” he said. “However, almost two years ago the Iraqi government seized the assets of the trade unions, … Continue reading Dave Anderson raises Iraq union solidarity with Gordon Brown

Support in Commons for Iraqi unions

In response to LFIQ supporter, Sharon Hodgson, the Minister for the Middle East, Dr. Kim Howells, answers questions on the the role of trade unions and the need to overturn restrictions on their activity. And LFIQ Joint President Ann Clwyd emphasises the potential of the unions in fostering reconciliation. Here is the full record from FCO questions on 5th June. 5. Mrs. Sharon Hodgson (Gateshead, East and Washington, West) (Lab): If she will make a statement on the position of trade unions in Iraq. The Minister for the Middle East (Dr. Kim Howells): The Iraqi Government should recognise the importance … Continue reading Support in Commons for Iraqi unions