Deputy Leadership Response on Iraq

Our Joint President Dave Anderson has asked all candidates for the deputy leadership of their Labour Party for their views on solidarity with the Iraqi labour movement. The first response is from Alan Johnson MP.
Gary Kent
Director LFIQ
As a Trade Unionist myself, I have been inspired by the resurgence of the Trade Union movement in Iraq and see this as a key example of a new, democratic, pluralist society emerging. On the specific question of Iraqi government policy, it is not a matter that I feel we should necessarily directly interfere in. I will use my influence to show solidarity to the Iraqi Trade Unions and will encourage the administration to treat them supportively wherever possible. It is, however, ultimately not a decision to be made in London, but to be made by the democratically elected government of Iraq. It is important that as a government and as the Labour movement, we show solidarity with all the people of Iraq and with the Iraqi government.
I would be grateful if you could keep me updated of developments, as I shall be following this issue with interest.