Labour MPs to fight on anti-war ticket

According to a report in today’s Independent. The report goes on to say: The Labour Friends of Iraq has launched an attempt to defuse the issue at the election. In a campaign pack, the group admits it might have been wrong for Britain to go into Iraq, but insists: “We are where we are. Today, almost everyone wants a sovereign democratic Iraq. The last thing the Iraqi people need is for us to cut and run now. If the multinational force withdrew tomorrow, there will be a bloodbath, civil war, the Balkanisation of Iraq and the end of the hopes … Continue reading Labour MPs to fight on anti-war ticket

Back us, anti-war MPs tell disaffected canvassers

From today’s Guardian. Note this passage in particular: “However, Labour Against the War itself suffered a high-profile defection last month, when founding member Harry Barnes – who is standing down at the election – left the group, accusing it of ‘giving succour to terrorists’ by demanding the immediate withdrawal of British troops.”

IFTU reports workers protesting against terror

Iraqi electricity workers march through the streets of Baghdad against terror. The preparatory committee of the Electricity Workers Union, an IFTU affiliate, organized a protest on Thursday 24 March 2005 against terror. Hundreds of protesters supported by many more Iraqis gathered at al-Wazeria district in Baghdad and marched towards the Ministry of Electricity shouting “No, no to terrorism!” Once protesters reached the Electricity Ministry, they delivered a petition calling on the authority to provide security and safety for workers while carrying out their duties and to take serious steps to safeguard the wealth of the nation from criminal acts and … Continue reading IFTU reports workers protesting against terror

Friends of Labour Friends of Iraq praise our work

We are collating views on our work and launching a major fund-raising campaign so that we can maintain and expand our work in boosting solidarity with Grassroots Iraq. Please send your views to our e mail at the bottom left of this page. With thanks, Gary Kent, Director What people say about us Many trade unionists opposed the war. But since the fall of Saddam the priority has been to make solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iraq and to hold the occupying powers to account. Labour Friends of Iraq have made an important contribution to both tasks. They … Continue reading Friends of Labour Friends of Iraq praise our work

More Labour MPs back Commons motion in support of LFIQ appeal for Nozad Ismail

MPs David Taylor, Bob Wareing, Rudi Vis, Lynne Jones, Martin Caton, Syd Rapson, Ernie Ross and Win Griffiths (five opposed and three backed military action) are the latest to back the Commons motion in support of the LFIQ Global Appeal on Nozad Ismail and support continues to come from around the world. The Commons adjourns today for Easter and probably only has a few days left until it is dissolved before the election, when all Commons motions fall. We may revive this motion in the next Parliament. The motion has been backed in roughly equal numbers by those who took … Continue reading More Labour MPs back Commons motion in support of LFIQ appeal for Nozad Ismail