Labour MPs to fight on anti-war ticket

According to a report in today’s Independent. The report goes on to say:
The Labour Friends of Iraq has launched an attempt to defuse the issue at the election. In a campaign pack, the group admits it might have been wrong for Britain to go into Iraq, but insists: “We are where we are. Today, almost everyone wants a sovereign democratic Iraq. The last thing the Iraqi people need is for us to cut and run now. If the multinational force withdrew tomorrow, there will be a bloodbath, civil war, the Balkanisation of Iraq and the end of the hopes of all democrats and progressives.”
The group, whose joint presidents are the Labour MPs Harry Barnes and Ann Clwyd, Mr Blair’s special envoy to Iraq, denies the Prime Minister is “just Bush’s poodle”, saying that he opposed the US President on the Kyoto treaty.
It admits “grave mistakes” have been made in Iraq but insists there are “many good news stories” to tell, including the removal of Saddam, the trials of Saddam and his henchmen, the return of Iraqi refugees and the rise of a free Iraqi trade union movement.