Iraq: moment of truth is coming

Tony Parkinson, in the Australian Age, asks a series of pertinent questions to anti-war activists: “There had to come a time, surely, when the scales would fall from their eyes. There had to come a moment when they stopped chanting the mantra long enough to start listening to the authentic voices of liberation emerging in the Arab world.” He concludes that “a moment of truth is coming – when the critics take a deep breath, have a fresh and impartial look at the evidence, and begin to calculate whether the war, this war, was ultimately for the greater good.” I … Continue reading Iraq: moment of truth is coming

Veteran left-wing rebel breaks ranks with anti-war movement and urges them to move on to boost solidarity with Iraqi labour movement

One of “Blair’s bastards” has rebelled against the hard left Labour Against the War (LATW) group in a split that will call the group’s future into question. The veteran left-wing MP Harry Barnes, who helped launch LATW, has resigned from the group because “Labour Against the War hasn’t adopted a creditable analysis of the changed position and adopts an approach which aids terrorist, religious extremist and anti-democratic forces in the Middle East.”

‘The Change Cannot be Reversed’

Iraq the Model on the prospects for democracy in the Middle East Omar at Iraq the Model sets out why he remains optimistic about the prospects for democracy in Iraq and across the region. His message: “Take a look at my country and learn from my people and have faith in yourselves because if you keep thinking with such negativity you will never get the change you want. If the people really want something they can achieve it and they will find many hands reaching out for them with support and advice.

Harry Barnes speech to the TUC conference on solidarity

Abridged version of speech by Harry Barnes MP, LFIQ Joint President on 14th February. Everyone here is interested in assisting Iraqi unions but there are many in the labour movement who don’t even know that there are trade unions in Iraq. We have to get this message across and increase action in their support.

Socialist Worker’s U-Turn

Gary Kent examines the zig-zags of the SWP and corrects himself too The SWP’s report of the recent Stop the War conference quotes one union official as saying that some people who supported the war were now trying to use the issue of solidarity to justify the occupation.

Iraq: Are payments to the poor and unemployed in line with increase in food prices?

Urmee Khan looks at recent exchanges on Iraq in Parliament Labour MP Harry Cohen has tabled a written question asking the Government the following: (1) has the Department undertaken research to assess whether cash payments to the poor and unemployed rise at a similar level as prices for food, in circumstances where cash payments have replaced food rationing; (a) what assessment he has made of whether this will happen in Iraq; (b) and if he will make a statement

The state of Fallujah

Labour MP Tom Cox has tabled a written question asking the Government the following: (1) what assessment his Department has made of how many people have returned to live permanently in Fallujah since the recent military action in the city; and if he will make a statement; (2) how many people living in Fallujah have access to water and electricity; (3) how many hospitals are open and treating patients in Fallujah; and if he will make a statement; (4) how many schools in Fallujah are open and are teaching pupils; and if he will make a statement; (5) what recent … Continue reading The state of Fallujah