IFTU condemns murder of brother Ali Hassan Abd (Abu Fahad) of the Oil and Gas Workers Union in Baghdad

The Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) mourns the loss of the martyred trade unionist and member of the Oil and Gas Union, brother Ali Hassan Abd who was assassinated on Friday 18th February 2005 by terrorist extremists while returning with his children to his home in al Dorah District, close to the Al Dorah Oil Refinery in Baghdad.

The IFTU Executive Committee condemns this cowardly act and resolves to continue to organize for free, democratic and independent unions. The IFTU pledges to its martyred hero Abu Fahad to carry on organising workers and also for a new and democratic Iraq.
The IFTU remembers Abu Fahad as a courageous trade unionist who was one of the first to organize the union formation in the oil industry at Al Dorah Oil Refinery in Baghdad in April 2003.
The IFTU calls on the international labour movement to condemn this atrocity against a brave trade unionist who fought to build free unions.
Glory and honour to the martyrs of the Iraqi working class.
Glory and honour to our fallen brother, the martyred Abu Fahad.
Shame and disgrace on the terrorists.