The Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Iraq:What do Other Cases Tell Us?

Initial Call for Papers A multidisciplinary conference in applied social science and history 6-7 January 2006 at Kingston University, London, UK Kingston University’s Helen Bamber Centre, the Labour Friends of Iraq and the UK Iraqi Community Association This conference in London aims to marry theory, history, and practice in the service of contributing to the consolidation of democracy in Iraq. It is intended to produce practical conclusions and recommendations that might help build the capacity for consolidation in Iraq, including by enabling the Iraqi diaspora community to contribute to the democratization process. The conference proposes to do this not by … Continue reading The Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Iraq:What do Other Cases Tell Us?

Baghdad and bombs in London

Gerard Baker, in the Times examines the arguments about the links between the London bombings and Iraq and concludes that . Invading Iraq has undoubtedly created in the minds of many millions of Muslims the idea that their people, their faith is under attack. The right way to tackle that view is not to indulge it, sympathise with it or nurse it, but to correct it. The right way to deal with anti-American and anti-British sentiment in the Muslim world is not to pull out our troops from Iraq and beg forgiveness, but to continue to fight there on behalf … Continue reading Baghdad and bombs in London

Unite Against Terror Statement

A statement against terror can be signed here. Early signatories include Omar of Iraq the Model, Peter Tatchell, Jane Ashworth (Chair, Labour Friends of Iraq) Osama Al-Moosawi, Alex Gordon (RMT), Micheline Ishay (Director, International Human Rights Program, University of Denver, personal capacity) Debbie Williams (TGWU), Adrian Cohen, and others. (AJ)

Doctors under threat

The Institute for War & Peace Reporting reports that insurgents are pressuring local doctors to leave Iraq. Incidents of murder and the violent kidnapping of doctors are on the increase. (KW)

Eric Lee sends an open letter to George Galloway

Eric Lee has published an open letter to George Galloway. It reads: Last week, following the attacks in London, you wrote: No one can condone acts of violence aimed at working people going about their daily lives. They have not been a party to, nor are they responsible for, the decisions of their government. They are entirely innocent and we condemn those who have killed or injured them. Today a suicide bomber killed two women and injured 24 others in an attack on a shopping mall in Netanya, Israel. Do you condemn the attack in Netanya today? I look forward … Continue reading Eric Lee sends an open letter to George Galloway