Harry Barnes asks Foreign Secretary about preparations for Iraqi elections

Extract from Commons debate on 29th November Mr. Harry Barnes (North-East Derbyshire) (Lab): How widely known is the holding of the general election in Iraq among the Iraqi people? A short time ago, it seemed that it was not well known; perhaps people had other things to be bothered and worried about. There might be some indication in terms of the number of people who have registered to vote or are expected to register and in the number of local elections that have already been held to prepare people for a coming general election.

Labour Friends of Iraq model motion on Military Action and Falluja

This CLP is alarmed that military action against the terrorists in Falluja and other towns will result in large scale loss of civilian life. The aerial bombardment of a built-up civilian area will drive ordinary Iraqis towards the men of violence. We implore the Labour government to exercise all its influence to prevent these casualties and to pursue all political and humanitarian channels to resolve the crisis. We urge the Labour Government to do all it can to support the UN process that envisages a democratic sovereign Iraq and to support all democratic forces within Iraq, including the newly emerging … Continue reading Labour Friends of Iraq model motion on Military Action and Falluja

Commons motions on Iraqi trade unions

EDM 1799 TRADE UNIONS IN IRAQ 25.10.04 John Mann 53 signatures That this House notes that free trade unionism is a key ingredient of a move from totalitarianism to democracy; welcomes the renewal of free trade unionism in Iraq; and calls on the Government to give assistance and priority to the strengthening of this movement. As an Amendment to John Mann’s proposed Motion (TRADE UNIONS IN IRAQ): EDM 1799A1 TRADE UNIONS IN IRAQ Amdt. line 4: 03.11.04 Jeremy Corbyn 2 signatures by encouraging the Iraqi government to ensure all public sector employees enjoy full trade union rights in line with … Continue reading Commons motions on Iraqi trade unions