Journalists unite to defend their rights

Journalists from across Iraq have come together in Erbil to end media killings, saying it is vital that It is vital that media, journalists groups and the authorities continue working together in implementing an efficient safety strategy, and promoting solidarity and reconciliation in the country.

Red kite mark

Iraqi civil society is on the up. It can soar once more, says Gary Kent at Progress 11 August 2008 The reintroduction of the beautiful red kite bird in Blaydon and the revival of Iraq may seem distant but the possible link illustrates how Iraq is changing for the better. The analogy arises from a recent trip to the north-east by Iraqis representing the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Islamic Dawa party of the Iraqi PM, Nourial-Maliki. They were guests of Dave Anderson, the local MP and joint president of LFIQ. We spent hours spotting kites and learning how a … Continue reading Red kite mark