Brendan O Leary on Iraq

Normblog draws our attention to a BBC radio programme with a spirited debate on the future of Iraq. Normblog says: In the first programme of the series Brendan O Leary, a professor of politics and a former constitutional adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government argues that Iraq is still on course for a future as a federal pluralist democracy. He takes on a panel of journalists and analysts at the international affairs think tank, Chatham House. BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson is in the chair. The programme was Hecklers, on BBC Radio 4, and you can listen again here … Continue reading Brendan O Leary on Iraq

Shifting sands?

Al Sabah reports that thirteen conditions need to be met as the Sunni price for reconciliation. That they have been published may be indicative that some progress is being made. Iraqi Kurds fear that an alliance with Iran may begin military actions on both sides of the Iraqi border. Vali Nasr argues that the future of the Middle East ultimately lies with a resolution of the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, rather than a settlement imposed by the US.(David Spector)

Boost for Iraqi farming sector

Agriculture was always given a low priority under Saddam but this could lead to Iraq becoming a net exporter of food again. The sector will be the second largest contributor to the economy after oil and has the greatest potential to provide new jobs.

Barnes blogs between Arbil and Suaymaniyah

LFIQ stalwart Harry Barnes now has his own blog on which he reflects in detail on a recent trip from Arbil to Sulaymaniyah including signs of a great deal of individual and community effort in circumstances of a new found freedom.