Commons motions on Iraqi trade unions

EDM 1799
John Mann
53 signatures
That this House notes that free trade unionism is a key ingredient of a move from totalitarianism to democracy; welcomes the renewal of free trade unionism in Iraq; and calls on the Government to give assistance and priority to the strengthening of this movement.
As an Amendment to John Mann’s proposed Motion (TRADE UNIONS IN IRAQ):
EDM 1799A1
TRADE UNIONS IN IRAQ Amdt. line 4: 03.11.04
Jeremy Corbyn
2 signatures
by encouraging the Iraqi government to ensure all public sector employees enjoy full trade union rights in line with International Labour Organisation conventions.
EDM 1799A1A1
TRADE UNIONS IN IRAQ Amdt. line 3: 04.11.04
Mr Harry Barnes
1 signature
Line 3, at end add ‘and as campaigned for by the Iraqi Federation of Iraqi Unions.’