Tribune letter criticises breathtaking view

Before Christmas, Robert Taylor argued for troops out of Iraq and his article included the following paragraph: “It will be argued an Anglo-American evacuation from Iraq could not be done overnight. But a strict timetable of June or July next year could be set for the process to end. There is a precedent, although admittedly not one that suggests such a departure would be trouble-free. The exit from India and that country’s partition in 1947 cost the lives of millions but it was a cruel necessity. The same can be said for Iraq.” Tribune has published the following from Councillor … Continue reading Tribune letter criticises breathtaking view

Iraqi unions in photographs

The American journalist and frequent commentator on Iraqi labour movement matters David Bacon has a fascinating photodocumentary project which shows people at work on the rigs in the refineries and the ports, their unions and leaders, and their life at home with their families.

Tomb raiders

Former arts minister Mark Fisher writes in the Guardian that the cradle of civilisation is still being looted. He asks: How important is this? For the Iraqis, the damage strikes at the heart of their culture and history. Although the Iraq National Museum was founded only in 1923, it was an institution around which all Iraqis, regardless of religion, could attempt to create some shared national identity. There is also considerable significance for the rest of the world: in these sites are buried the roots of western civilisation. A line of influence (philosophical, scientific, artistic, aesthetic) runs from Mesopotamia through … Continue reading Tomb raiders

Commons backing for Books to Iraq initiative

LFIQ Chair Dave Anderson MP has tabled a Commons motion in support of the Books to Iraq Appeal with cross-party support from, so far, members of 4 parties. George Galloway is not one but we understand that he is otherwise engaged. The Commons Motion reads: That this House believes that Iraq has given the world a great legacy of pharmaceutical and medical knowledge; notes that in addition to the recent conflict and continuing violence, two wars and 12 years of sanctions have had a crippling effect on Iraq’s pharmacy education and practice, severely affected access to information resources such as … Continue reading Commons backing for Books to Iraq initiative

Iraqi Trade Unions unite for economic sovereignty

The Iraqi economy has been severely affected by decades of sanctions, wars and occupation. The Iraqi trade unions and federations believe in the capacity of the country with all its oil and mineral resources to provide a decent living standard for Iraqis. The federations and unions consider that the wars and occupation have caused a dramatic decrease in the living and social standards of Iraqis and especially of workers. The federations and unions stress the importance of complete sovereignty for Iraq over its petroleum and natural resources so as to develop them in a way that assures a complete reconstruction … Continue reading Iraqi Trade Unions unite for economic sovereignty

LFIQ backs conference on democratic consolidation in Iraq

Learning from Precedent: the prospects for democratic consolidation in Iraq, lessons from other cases Saturday 7th January 2006 (1pm-6pm please note revised start time) The Board Room Town House 102 Kingston University Penrhyn Road Campus Kingston Upon Thames (Directions at bottom of this email) In the aftermath of the Iraqi election the debate on the prospects for democratic consolidation in Iraq will be more intense than ever. The Helen Bamber Centre, the Labour Friends of Iraq, the UK Iraqi Community Association and the Centre for Federal Studies,University of Kent, have combined to arrange an afternoons discussion on theme of democratic … Continue reading LFIQ backs conference on democratic consolidation in Iraq