Statement by Brendan Barber to Iraqi Solidarity meeting

The Trades Union Congress, which represents people at work in Great Britain, expresses its solidarity with the working people of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, and especially with their free, independent and democratic trade unions. The main victims of terrorism and violence are ordinary people, wherever they are, and we have expressed our outrage at and sympathy with the victims of terrorism in Iraq, and our concern that so much terrorism is focused on people at work and their trade union representatives. We were particularly grateful that one of the earliest messages of support the TUC received when London was attacked … Continue reading Statement by Brendan Barber to Iraqi Solidarity meeting


Mick Hartley reports A gesture of defiance by Iraqi women against the sectarians: Roba al-Asaly fingers the sliver of gold on her necklace and explains that it reminds her of a place that is not there anymore. The gold is shaped like the map of Iraq, and at a time when sectarian violence has fanned fears of civil war, it has become a gesture of defiance and of yearning for national unity. Hat Tip Normblog

How many people make a civil war?

Omar the editor of Iraq The Model recounts a story which appears to be replicated in numerous other Iraqi regions. He concludes that what I see in this case is that the majority is not interested in being involved in this kind of conflict but, at the same time action and reaction from gangs that do not represent the majority are capable of finding a rift among the lines of what normally is a peaceful community. (David Spector)

Lest we forget

Over at Democratiya you can watch Testimonies: Iraqi witnesses to the Saddam era – a DVD produced by the Iraq Memory Foundation

Wide range of speakers at solidarity meeting

The speakers at the Solidarity meeting on 7th September from 9-11am in the Attlee Room at Portcullis House, House of Commons are now announced. They are as follows: Shanaz Ibrahim Ahmed from the PUK who will speak on behalf of the two major Kurdish Parties. Laith Al Rubai. He will speak on behalf of the Iraqi List (a coalition of secular forces headed by former PM Mr. Allawi that fought the recent Iraqi General Election. Salam Ali speaks on behalf of the committee. He is a member of the ICP Azim Saghia: a well know. Arab. Writer. He is frequent … Continue reading Wide range of speakers at solidarity meeting