Ann Clwyd on the oppression of Iraqi women by Islamic extremists in Basra

Ann Clwyd is interviewed about this after her recent trip to Iraq. Ms Clwyd, who returned after a week in Baghdad meeting women MPs, said: ” There is very great concern among women about the pressure put on them to wear the veil or the hijab. I have heard stories of women at the hairdressers being shot. I think there is pressure on women to conform. I really think it is up to the new Iraqi Government to try to get some agreement that women should be able to wear what they want.” She said: “The killing of al-Zarqawi gives … Continue reading Ann Clwyd on the oppression of Iraqi women by Islamic extremists in Basra

Why the Cabinet remains incomplete

A security clampdown would, under normal circumstances, be unpopular. For many Baghdad bloggers, however, a radical solution is needed to deal with both wings of the violence in their city. Healing Iraq comments that militia in the west of the city want the residents to return to 7th Century customs and laws, whilst using 21st Century weapons as their tools of persuasion. Another blogger attempted to make a film about this phenomenon for Newsnight, but found that most people were too scared to face a camera. Iraq The Model suggests that the delay in appointing three security-related cabinet posts serves … Continue reading Why the Cabinet remains incomplete


Iraqi Government demand answers. Denouncing what they called repeated acts of violence by American forces against innocent civilians, Iraqi leaders said today that they would demand that American officials turn over their investigative files on the Iraq deaths in Haditha as they vowed to conduct their own inquiry. Iraqi PM imposes new blitz on Basra. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has declared a one-month state of emergency in Basra, vowing to crush with an iron fist the death squads that have plunged the city into chaos. Residents unite against sectarian conflict Kurds, Turcomans and Christians from northern Iraq have established independent … Continue reading Newsround

News round-up

German Woman Plans Infant Suicide Bomber in Iraq, Michael Moore Faces Iraq War Lawsuit, Former Saddam Officers Fuel Al Qaeda Efforts, Whilst Terrorist Responsible For Hundreds of Beheadings Captured. (David Spector)

Against all the odds

Soma reports that due to mines, wars, natural disasters, genetic and inborn factors, a large number of people have become disabled in the Kurdistan region. They can be seen daily in the markets, offices and government departments. In the Kurdistan region, scores of governmental and non-governmental organizations are engaged in dealing with the problems facing disabled persons, as well as working to protect their rights. It examines the formation of the Kurdistan Paralympics Committee.

Recovery of the southern Iraqi marshes

Normblog carries a report on how native species have returned to reflooded marshes devastated by Hussein regime. The marshes were devastated in the 1980s and 1990s by the Hussein regimes campaign to ditch, dike, drain, and burn them. Unable to pursue their traditional means of livelihood–fishing, herding water buffalo, and hunting–tens of thousands of Marsh Arabs fled to southern Iran.

Ann Clwyd in Iraq

Ann Clwyd has had a round of meetings with ministers in Baghdad and is reported to have urged the new government on Monday to complete investigations into police abuses and to free thousands of prisoners held in Iraqi and U.S. military prisons.

Appeal for solidarity

Gary Kent replies to letter in Guardian and urges increased solidarity with the Iraqi labour movement. Tuesday May 30, 2006 Guardian Jane Hoskins simplistic strictures on Iraq (Letters, May 29) define out of the equation those Iraqis trying to build a sovereign and federal polity after decades of minority rule. Hoskins ignores the new and non-sectarian Iraqi labour movement that was pulverised by Saddam, but has won nearly a million members in just three years. A recent Labour Friends of Iraq delegation met many union leaders from across Iraq. They are not “puppets” but real people, who asked us to … Continue reading Appeal for solidarity