More condemnations of attack and some cautious optimism

Both the United Nations envoy to Iraq, Ahraf Qazi, and the European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana have condemned the shrine bombing and subsequent sectarian violence. The former is inviting political, religious and civil leaders to discussions aimed at easing tensions. And Baghdad Blogger suggests cautious optimism. (David Spector)

Calls for unity after Golden Mosque Bombing

The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari has argued that insurgents are trying everything to foment civil war and sectarian violence. President Talabani will be calling for a joint demonstration of Shiites and Sunni Muslims to show unity. (David Spector)

The need for unity

The Times Leader argues that Iraq is not, though, at a stage where it can afford the luxury of lethargy. A government should be established by the middle of next month. It could then consider amendments to the constitution to reassure Sunnis further. If that were to take place, and it is not an impractical possibility, then the overwhelming bulk of Iraqis would be willingly bound into a democratic, federal and pluralist political order. This is a plausible prospect that many critics have long dismissed as impossible. It would not, alas, eliminate overnight tragedies such as car bombings or the … Continue reading The need for unity

Solidarity Day with NGOs to Abolish Decree 8750

Solidarity Day with NGOs to Abolish Decree 8750 The “Co-ordinating Committee for the NGOs Conference” has considered the 6th of February a day of solidarity for abolishing the government Decree 8750, issued on 8 August 2005. The Committee, that includes the Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity and the Unions and Associations Co-ordinating Committee, held meetings yesterday at the headquarters of both the Engineers Association and the Peace Council. Banners were also raised at the buildings of all unions and vocational organisations. The “Co-ordinating Committee for the NGOs Conference” had issued an Urgent Appeal, addressed to the President, the government, … Continue reading Solidarity Day with NGOs to Abolish Decree 8750

The reality of life in Iraq

Normblog carries a superb letter from a reader in the Daily Telegraph which goes to prove the old adage that just because something appears in the Daily Telegraph does not mean it is not true. Gary Kent During the past few weeks, I have done some careful research into what is happening in Iraq. I have discovered that 47 countries have re-established their embassies there. The current Iraq government employs 1.2 million Iraqis. More than 3,100 schools have been renovated and 364 are being rehabilitated, with 263 under construction. Twenty universities and 46 institutes are operating. Some 4.3 million Iraqi … Continue reading The reality of life in Iraq

Jeff Weintraub on what Iraqis think

The American socialist Jeff Weintraub offers an analysis which differs from his compatriot Michael Moore. Jeff examines polling data on what Iraqis think and concludes that these figures do offer one more reality check for those opponents of the war who have claimed to be acting on behalf of the wishes and well-being of Iraqis. (David Spector)

Contribution by LFIQ Director Gary Kent to LFIQ meeting at Commons

You don’t have to go back on opposing or supporting the war to understand that things have changed in Iraq. Against the odds, brave comrades are setting up a new trade union movement. A healthy labour movement in Britain would make it a key task to provide maximum solidarity to its sisters and brothers in Iraq who face a serious threat to their independence from the Iraqi Government as well as from terrorism. It’s high time that the British left and unions followed the example of unions such as Unison, the FBU and the RMT in doing all they can … Continue reading Contribution by LFIQ Director Gary Kent to LFIQ meeting at Commons