Good news, Talib Khadim has been released

The Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) have announced that Mr. Talib Khadim Al Tayee, the kidnapped President of the Iraqi Mechanics, Metalworkers & Printworkers Union (IMM&PU), has been released on 1 February 2005 in Baghdad.

On 27 January 2005, Mr Talib Khadim was on union business with workers of the company when the gunmen attacked him, hitting him repeatedly on the head using the butts of their guns. They tied his hands and legs and kidnapped him, taking him to an unknown location. All this happened in front of workers, after locking the company security guards in an office.
The IFTU Executive Committee would like to thank the international labour
movement for their efforts in demanding the release of Talib Khadim. With
the help of our international labour movement colleagues, the IFTU will
continue to campaign to end terrorism against those brave patriotic working
class fighters who are striving to organise Iraqi workers.
Further information will be made available on the condition of Mr. Talib Khadim and the circumstances of his kidnapping and his release as soon as possible.