Iraqi exhibition in London, 22 September

The Iraqi Community Association and the Evelyn Oldfield Unit have great pleasure in inviting you to attend the Iraqi community exhibition as part of the Refugee Community Project on Thursday 22nd September 2005, 7-9 pm, at Manilowa Room, Polish Social & Cultural Association, 238 – 246 King Street, London, W6 0RF.
The Refugee Community History Project is documenting the history of selected individuals from 15 refugee communities in London, through the collection of oral testimony. The project is being run by the Evelyn Oldfield Unit and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Trust for London.
This exhibition will celebrate the achievements of the Iraqis and highlight their contribution to the life of London. Over ten personalities, representing all walks of life and reflecting the diversity of our community have taken part in this pioneering work. The exhibition aims to promote a good image of refugees and present positive role models for young people. The exhibition programme will also include Iraqi lute music (oud), ancient Mesopotamian storyteller and Iraqi food.