Our fringe meeting at Labour Party Conference in Brighton on 28 September

Solidarity with Grassroots Iraq: equality, labour rights and new thinking on foreign policy
Labour Friends of Iraq, Unison, the Iraqi Community Association and Demos fringe meeting at the 2005 Labour Party conference
This meeting is an opportunity to hear from those who are struggling to help rebuild an independent labour movement and civil society in Iraq and to hear from a key organisation of Iraqis in Britain.
Chair: Dave Anderson MP
Dave was previously the President of Unison and is the newly elected Labour MP for Blaydon as well as Joint President of LFIQ.
Abdullah Muhsin
Abdullah is the International representative of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU), the leading organisation of the new Iraqi labour movement.
Jabbar Hasan
Jabbar is the Director of the London-based Iraqi Community Association which is the main established registered Iraqi charity in the United Kingdom and promotes the success of Iraqis here, and its diverse colourful cultural identity. Since late 1930’s, Iraqis have been coming to Britain. It is estimated that over 250,000 Iraqis live in the United Kingdom that characterised by different periods, which reflects Iraq’s turbulent history.
Rt Hon Ann Clwyd MP
Ann is the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to Iraq on Human Rights and also a Joint President of LFIQ
Keith Sonnet
Keith is the Deputy General Secretary of Unison and participated in a fact finding trade union delegation to Iraqi Kurdistan earlier this year
Jane Ashworth (LFIQ)
Gary Kent (LFIQ)
Clarence Room, Hilton Metropole Hotel, 6.30-8.30pm, Wednesday 28th September
Participants require a conference pass and, unfortunately, we cannot supply these.