Iraqi Prospect organisation comment on the elections

Friday, January 20th, 2006
On the 15th of December 2005, Iraqis took to the polls for the third time in a year to vote for their first permanent National Assembly. After numerous complaints submitted to the Independent Iraqi Electoral Commission, the announcement of the results was delayed as the IECI and International Assessment Teams reviewed the voting process relating to these complaints. The ratified results were announced today.
Ali Latif, Chairman of the IPO, reacting to the results said “These elections are a milestone for Iraq’s democratisation because of the unprecedented high turnout from all groups in Iraq. It’s worth remembering that we only reached this stage because calls for the January elections last year to be postponed made by certain groups which were threatening to boycott the elections were not heeded – and they realised that the democratic process cannot be stalled or circumvented. Again, these same groups were aiming to undermine the democratic process by demanding re-runs of UN approved fair elections, and it seems that these calls are fortunately being ignored. We must show there is only one path available in the new Iraq, and that is the democratic one.”