The stakes are very high

Jabbar Hasan Director Of The Iraqi Community Association In London tells the Mirror his views of the current situation in Iraq.
I think all Iraqis were guilty of wishful thinking when they denied the danger of sectarian conflict. We have just seen an act of terrorism timed and planned to spin Iraq into civil war.
It is up to community leaders and politicians to get a grip of the situation, but Saddam’s Ba’athist party members, jihadists and foreign powers are all interested in destabilising the situation further.
In a civil war the only winners will those who are against the rebuilding of Iraq.
The implications for the Middle East of civil war are very serious. Oil prices are likely to shoot up and the world economy will be affected.
War will destroy democracy in Iraq and regional leaders will use this as an excuse to abandon democracy, claiming it does not suit their society. The stakes are very high.