Parliament Could Be In Session By End Of The Week

This report and this report suggest that Iraqs new parliament could be called into session by March 12th, and possibly by the end of this week.
The significance of this date is that the constitution requires parliament to hold its first meeting no later than four week after the election result is certified. Once parliament meets, they have 60 days to elect a president and approve a prime minister and cabinet. Even if parliament were to be convened, these subjects could still prove divisive.
It was reported earlier that President Jalal Talabani was now attempting to block the Shiite prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, from serving a second term. Stephen Biddle argues that only a communual compromise will bring peace to Iraq. At present, America’s central ambition appears to lie in an expansion of the local military infrastructure to control Sunni insurgents. (David Spector).