International trade union movement lambasts interference in Iraqi union affairs

The ICFTU has protested to the Iraqi Prime Minister about his governments labour laws.
Mr. Prime Minister, the ICFTU strongly objects against this inordinate interference in the designation of the leadership of the IFTU. Dictating to a union how to organise its leadership elections, and whom not to include in it, is a blatant violation of International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 87 on Freedom of Association. Although Iraq did not ratify this convention, it has an obligation as an ILO member to respect the principles enshrined in it. I therefore strongly urge you to ensure that the IFTU benefits of complete freedom in organising its trade union elections and designating its trade union leadership. Finally, I urge you to ratify ILO Convention 87 on the right to freedom of association.
Thanks to LabourStart