Hadi Saleh Never Died

Probably the first song about trade unions I ever heard began with the words “I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night.” Those words have been an inspiration the authors of new book just published by the Trades Union Congress in Britain called “Hadi Never Died”. The book is a tribute to Hadi Saleh, the international secretary of Iraq’s new, independent trade union movement, who was murdered in January 2005 by masked gunmen who burst into his Baghdad home. But it is much more than a tribute: it is a beautifully illustrated volume packed with history, anecdotes and analysis. It tells the story of the Iraqi working class and its struggle for freedom — both under the Saddam dictatorship and under the occupation. Profits from the sale of the book go the TUC’s solidarity fund in support of the Iraqi unions. Please make sure your union orders several copies today: