Support Day for Darfur

UN must protect people of Darfur
Saturday September 16, 2006. Guardian letter
We are a group of writers who have blogged at the Guardians Comment Is Free site on the conflict in Darfur. Some of us have argued with each other intensely about different aspects of the conflict; all of us agree that there is a major humanitarian disaster taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan right now and that the United Nations must be supported in every way possible to bring it to an end and to reconstruct the region. Tomorrow we will be united in supporting the Global Day for Darfur.
We all believe that UN resolutions should be upheld and that the people of Darfur be protected by the international community. If the African Union force withdraws without being replaced by UN peacekeepers, then over 3 million people are at greater risk because humanitarian workers would also be likely to withdraw. The Sudanese government should now agree to UN deployment. We urge everyone to support the Global Day for Darfur.
Brian Brivati
Glenn Reynolds
Daniel Davies
Eric Reeves
Norman Geras
Alan Johnson
Inayat Bunglawala
Nick Cohen
Peter Tatchell