From Nelson Mandela Vigils to Iraqi Ambassador

How a London School of Economics student who frequently attended the vigils outside South Africa House in Trafalgar Square became Iraqi Ambassador in Canada. He also kindly praises LFIQ: Ziad also spoke highly of the British organization Labour Friends of Iraq, which builds international support for Iraqi trade unions. “What we need is that kind of support, frankly, because the terrorists are actually targeting trade unionists.”
But support like that is difficult to muster in an age when peace rallies have taken the place of effective and meaningful internationalist solidarity, and a reflexive anti-Americanism has mutated into a surrogate for analysis. Where does that all end up?
“Well, you look at issues purely through that prism, and it leads to supporting fascist theological movements and people who never think about the rights of women, or civil liberties, or trade unions,” Ziad said.