Iraqi Disgust

The Mesopotamian is deeply offended by this analysis of what the author calls the fortress of stability in the shape of Saddams Iraq.

Bye bye, butcher

Jim Nolan says good riddance to one of the most bloodthirsty tyrants of the modern era. He quotes novelist Ian McEwan who observed that there were, in relation to Iraq, two kinds of people: those who recognised the words Abu Ghraib before 2004 and those who only did so afterwards. Jim concludes that: Of course, the pious hand-wringing among significant parts of the Western Left about the war curiously and conveniently passes over the fact that their ideological brethren in Iraq – represented principally, but not exclusively, by the Kurds – were the subject of this most ruthless repression. In … Continue reading Bye bye, butcher

Iraqi Community Reaction To Saddam Sentence

There was jubilation amongst the Iraqi community in London once the death sentence had been passed on the former dictator. Jabbar Hasan of the Iraqi Association noted that it was the first time ever in the history of the Middle East that a dictator had been judged directly by his own people. The Times says that the region does not need another martyr.

Ann Clwyd welcomes Saddam verdict

Labour MP Ann Clwyd says she welcomes the guilty verdict in the trial of Saddam Hussein, although she is against the death penalty herself. The LFIQ Joint President added “The hundreds of thousands who have died, (been) tortured, disappeared and their families who will today be very pleased ..the vast majority of the people of Iraq will be very pleased that a verdict has been reached.”

Lifting Of Cordon Has Wider Implications For Iraqi Sovereignty

The democratically elected government of Iraq has asserted its power over the American forces presently attempting to restore peace to the nation. In a move that is not normally consistent with the actions of an occupying army, the US forces were commanded by Prime Minister Maliki to terminate their attempts to besiege a part of Baghdad. An increase in the number of Iraqi security forces has also been widely reported.

UN Announces Five Year Plan

The United Nations has announced that a major meeting will take place within six weeks with the intention of pursuing the political, economic and social development of Iraq over the next five years.

From Nelson Mandela Vigils to Iraqi Ambassador

How a London School of Economics student who frequently attended the vigils outside South Africa House in Trafalgar Square became Iraqi Ambassador in Canada. He also kindly praises LFIQ: Ziad also spoke highly of the British organization Labour Friends of Iraq, which builds international support for Iraqi trade unions. “What we need is that kind of support, frankly, because the terrorists are actually targeting trade unionists.” But support like that is difficult to muster in an age when peace rallies have taken the place of effective and meaningful internationalist solidarity, and a reflexive anti-Americanism has mutated into a surrogate for … Continue reading From Nelson Mandela Vigils to Iraqi Ambassador