Britain and the US withdrew Iraqi passport recognition

Britain and the US are no longer recognising existing Iraqi passports. The recognition withdrawal affects many Iraqis living abroad or in Iraq neighbouring countries, including business travellers, students, visitors, family reunion cases and those who need medical treatment. “This inhumane punishment must be stopped, the people of Iraq continues to suffer at every level.” saidJabbar Hasan, director of the Iraqi Association in London.
Recently, Iraqi authority has issued new passports which are only issued in Baghdad with limited availability. With continuing violence in the capital, many people may not be able to travel to Baghdad. In addition to that, its limited numbers will lead to queue jumping culture.
“This is outrageous and unacceptable method of treatment, which undoubtedly affects the livelihood of thousands of people, including children and other vulnerable people.” Said Jabbar Hasan. (Dave Spector)