GFIW condemns raids on its head office and calls for solidarity

The GFIW has issued this statement.
Labour Friends of Iraq is deeply concerned to hear of these raids.
On 23 February, American and Iraqi forces raided the head office of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) and arrested one of the Union security staff.
This unprovoked attack resulted in the destruction of furniture, the confiscation of a computer and fax machine and the arrest of employee who was released unharmed later same day.
The same force repeated this unprovoked attack on 25 February and caused further damage.
The GFIW while condemning this unprovoked attack and calls on the occupation forces to issue a written apology, to return all the GFIW property and compensate for the damages they caused to our office.
We call on trade unions around the world to show solidarity by condemning these attacks and sending messages of support to the GFIW.
The GFIW Executive
Baghdad 26 February 2007