LFIQ meets Iraqi Communist Party Organisation to establish dialogue

A delegation of the Iraqi Communist Party Organisation in Britain, led by its secretary Dr Shawkat Al-Asidi and Ali Shawkat, met Dave Anderson MP and Gary Kent of LFIQ at the Commons to establish a formal dialogue between the two organisations.
The ICP representatives stressed that their party supported current efforts to achieve national unity, combat sectarianism, build a democratic political process, end foreign military presence and regain full national sovereignty. They pointed out that the party and its leaders have played a role that is respected by other Iraqi forces.
Dave and Gary for LFIQ stressed the need for the British labour movement to listen most carefully to the views of the ICP and other Iraqi parties and forces seeking to rebuild Iraq and retrieve its sovereignty, after decades of isolation, war and terror.
All agreed on the need for upholding and defending human and democratic rights, and for full trade union rights in Iraq.
It was agreed to organise an open meeting in the Commons in the near future so that parliamentarians and trade unionists can engage with the views of the ICP.