TUC protest to Iraqi Embassy

His Excellency Mr Abdulmuhaimen Al-Oreibi
Dear Mr Al-Oreibi
Unjust punishment of Kareem Johi Sahan, Petrochemical Workers Union, Basra
The TUC strongly protests the unjust punishment of Kareem Johi Sahan, a trade union leader of the Petrochemical Workers Union of Basra by the State Company for Petrochemical Industries (SCPI) – wholly owned by the Iraqi Government. We call on your government to drop the unjust disciplinary measures against him, and compensate him for any injuries suffered.
As you may be aware, Kareem Johi led a peaceful workers’ protest in late January calling for SCPI to meet its pay obligations to workers. Since then he has been harshly interrogated, and now banned from attending his workplace for six months by the management of SCPI. This will cause him serious financial hardship. The TUC protests this serious violation of his basic human and trade union rights.
It continues a worrying trend. Last week the Iraqi Government attempted to seize control of the Iraqi Teachers Union. It is not only Iraqi workers’ like Kareem Johi Sahan, who are suffering under the continued government interference in trade union activities: it is Iraq’s international reputation and the morale and productivity of its workforce.
I look forward to hearing from you about improvements in Kareem Johi Sahan’s situation, and on progress towards implementing an Iraqi labour law preventing such violations.
Yours sincerely
Brendan Barber
General Secretary