Iraqi CP celebrates 75th anniversary at mass rally in Baghdad

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Thousands of Iraqi Communist Party members and supporters celebrated the 75th anniversary of the party at a mass rally held in the Peoples Stadium in central Baghdad on Friday 3rd April 2009.
The main sports hall was packed with jubilant people, waving red flags, chanting and singing. The event opened with the national anthem which was recited by the Friendship Group. Comrade Hamid Majeed Mousa, the Secretary of the Central Committee, delivered a speech that saluted the party’s heroic history of struggle and sacrifices for the cause of the people and the homeland. The speech dealt with the political developments and the recent provincial elections that were marred by violations and irregularities.
The program of the event included recital of poetry and songs. The candles of the anniversary cake were lit by young children, celebrating the party’s foundation on 31st March 1934, while white doves were released along with red balloons. The audience enjoyed a lively carnival atmosphere, with people of all ages joining in the celebrations, singing and dancing, full of hope and looking forward to achieving Iraqi Communists’ goal: “For a Free Homeland and Prosperous People”.