LFIQ lobbies Iraqi PM on union rights

Dave Anderson MP has writen the following letter to Mr Al Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister and aims to see the Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis about the issue in the near future.
Defending the Iraqi trade union movement and helping it to play a positive role in Iraq is one of the key aims of LFIQ.
Gary Kent
Dear Prime Minister
I enclose a statement from the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) with which I entirely agree, as a long-term supporter of theirs. (see the posting for 15th October)
You may remember that myself and Gary Kent raised this issue with you when we met last year in Baghdad as part of the valued political dialogue between LFIQ and the Islamic Dawa Party.
Labour Friends of Iraq strongly believes that the Iraqi Government should move to full compliance with ILO norms and work with the trade unions which are keen to help build a vibrant civil society and bolster the political process.
I respectfully ask that this interference be halted and that you initiate discussions with the GFIW.
Yours sincerely
Dave Anderson MP
For Labour Friends of Iraq