Iraqi Association on 7/7

London One Year Later The people affected by the bombs last July were Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and people of no particular religion! – This has proved once and for all that terrorism does not have a religion. Said Jabbar Hasan, director of Iraqi Association in London. The foreign policy of a democracy should be determined only by an elected government and its parliament. It is unacceptable even to imply, let alone to assert, that suicide-murderers and a bunch of bloodthirsty fanatics or their representatives acquire the right to any say in how matters are decided. Last July Londoners … Continue reading Iraqi Association on 7/7

Handover raises withdrawal hopes

Times Diplomatic Editor Richard Beeston suggests that the handover of an Iraqi province from British control to the elected Baghdad government may herald an exit strategy. (David Spector)

News roundup

David Spector brings some snippets that you may have missed Some success in restoration of Iraq Marshes The United Nations Environment Programme reports that 58% of the area has now been inundated, although there are doubts as to whether the original vegetation will return. Saddam drained the region because he considered that the population were ready to rebel against him following the 1991 Gulf War. 95% of looted treasures restored Most of the items that were stolen from the Iraqi Museum after the invasion, have been restored but antiquities smuggling is still funding the insurgency. School enrolment indicates *evidence of … Continue reading News roundup

Reconciliation plan gaining ground.

Iraq the Model reports that seven groups announced their desire to join the political process in accordance with the reconciliation project and said they were ready to enter a truce and stop the violence. (David Spector)

Iraq Memory Foundation

The Iraq Memory Foundation is a non-government organisation that documents 35 years of ruthless dictatorship. Twenty Four Steps To Liberty has featured some of these testimonies including how Saddam feared a six month old baby. (David Spector)

National telephone and power network completed

A fibre-optic network has reconnected 20 cities with Baghdad and the 70 % of Iraqis who have landlines. Part of the scheme also involved replacing obsolete transmission equipment between Baghdad and a major power station in Basra. (David Spector)

Islam and the draft constitution of Iraqi Kurdistan

This report examines the debate. Since the majority of people in Kurdistan are Muslim, Islam should be a source of legislation, said Ali Karim, head of the Kurdistan Institute for Human Rights. Nevertheless, the constitution has to be a modern one, and conform to all the international documents and conventions on human rights.