Tony Blair on terror

The Prime Minister told the World Summit on Terrorism that – Terrorism will not be defeated until our determination is as complete as theirs, our defence of freedom as absolute as their fanaticism, our passion for the democratic way as great as their passion for tyranny. Here is the full speech First of all, on behalf of the United Kingdom, let me thank everyone for supporting this resolution. We should not under-estimate what we face. This terrorism that today again has claimed the lives of innocent people, this time queuing for jobs in Iraq, that has now disfigured countries in … Continue reading Tony Blair on terror

Tony Blair tells UN of power of democracy

The Prime Minister argued the following – Give people the chance and they always vote for freedom; always prefer tolerance to prejudice, will never willingly accept the suppression of human rights and governance by extremism. Here is the full speech. The UN must come of age. It must become the visible and credible expression of the globalisation of politics. The modern world insists we are dependent on each other. We work with each other or we suffer in isolation. The principles of the UN have always had a moral force. Today they receive the sharper impulse of self-interest. The terrorist … Continue reading Tony Blair tells UN of power of democracy

Voter registration increases

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting carries a report on increased electoral registration. the manager of the Independent Electoral Commission for Iraq, announced that a total of 1,129,146 voters visited elections registration centers during the updating process that started August 1 and ended Sept. 7. The IECI finished voter registration on August 31, but extended it in Anbar governorate for another week for security reasons. (Al-Taakhi is issued daily by the Kurdistan Democratic Party.)

Symbol of non-sectarianism

The Guardian reports on a Sunni Arab teenager who died saving Shias during last week’s stampede disaster in Baghdad and who has been hailed as a hero whose sacrifice should unify Iraq.

Young defy terror

Times Correspondent Richard Beeston in Baghdad says young defy terror to pursue a dream in a profile of wannabe pop star Marwa Ahmed.

Ambassador appeals over Baghdad stampede

The Iraqi Ambassador to the UK, Dr Salah Al-Shaikhly has a letter in the Times in which he says of the stampede in Baghdad that conflicting stories are attempting to point the finger of blame at sectarian agendas. This stokes the fire of terror and plays directly into the hands of al-Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates in Iraq. He concludes that Our communities have co- existed without recourse to the civil war or sectarian strife that was predicted by the scaremongers. Our two communities never had a reason to quarrel. We lived in peace for over one thousand years. Our … Continue reading Ambassador appeals over Baghdad stampede

The left and terrorism

The Labour magazine Progress says that liberal left knee-jerk anti-Americanism is pushing it into the arms of those who oppose its cherished values of freedom and democracy