Campaign for solidarity with the Iraqi Citizen Dr. Shakir Al-Dujaily

Amman Center for Human Rights Studies received a proclamation from the National Society for Human Rights Advocacy in Iraq presenting the news of the disappearance of the Iraqi citizen Dr. Shakir Hassoun Al-Dujaily who holds Swedish citizenship after his arrival to Damascus Airport on Thursday 31/3/2005 where he came by the Swedish Airlines, flight number (SAS 79025). His news was cut after calling his wife in Iraq on Thursday 31/3/2005 at 10:20pm where he informed her with his arrival to Damascus Airport. Thus, and in light of the above, Amman Center for Human Rights Studies calls upon all international and … Continue reading Campaign for solidarity with the Iraqi Citizen Dr. Shakir Al-Dujaily

Help out in the battle for Bethnal Green and Bow

The battle between Labour’s Oona King and George Galloway is one of the most keenly fought in this election. There are fears that his followers will be out in intimidating force on election day with a massive presence around voting stations. The local party would be grateful for your help on Thursday 5th May. Oona’s office is 0207 613 4749.

Ann Clwyd rebuts napalm charges in letter to the Guardian today

Haifa Zangana (Comment, April 22) accuses the multinational forces in Iraq of using a “modern form of napalm” against the people of Falluja, “a crime that has been met with silence not just by Tony Blair but also by Ann Clwyd, his human rights envoy”. In fact I raised the allegations with Foreign Office minister Elizabeth Symons, who told me in her February reply that “the reports are completely without foundation. Coalition forces have not used napalm – either during operations in Falluja, or at any other time.” It’s a pity Zangana ignores those Iraqis working with great courage to … Continue reading Ann Clwyd rebuts napalm charges in letter to the Guardian today

Securing Iraq (2) The Murder of Lameah Abed Khadouri al-Sakri

An Iraqi woman MP, Lameah Abed Khadouri al-Sakri, was shot nine times n the chest and head by a terrorist yesterday. She was an MP representing a secular party and was, according to the Times, ‘an advocate of women’s rights’ who was ‘known for here work with widows and orphans’. A former schools inspector, and a Shia Muslim, Ms al-Sakri may have been murdered as a woman by the radical Islamists, as a Shia by Sunni sectarians, or as an MP by the Ba’athists. As a democrat she will be honoured. (AJ)

Democratising Iraq (9) New Report calls for Federal Iraq

An important new report, ‘Power-Sharing in Iraq’, written by David L. Phillips, a senior fellow and deputy director of the Council for Foreign Relations Center for Preventive Action, recommends a “federal system of governance that preserves Iraq as a unitary state, advances the aspirations of ethnic and sectarian groups, and is administratively viable. Federal Iraq states should control all affairs not explicitly assigned to the national government.” The report examines the ownership of Iraq’s energy wealth, disarming militias, the status of Kirkuk, individual and group rights, and the role of Islam in Iraqi governance. It also outlines roles for the … Continue reading Democratising Iraq (9) New Report calls for Federal Iraq

Democratising Iraq (3) South Africa Agrees on New Iraqi Ambassador

Thabo Mbeki, President of the Republic of South Africa has given his government’s agreement on the nomination of Mr. Kasim Abdul Baqi as a new Iraqi Ambassador to South Africa. The general elections in Iraq and the prospects of a new representative Iraqi government have paved the way for the South Africa government’s acceptance of the new Iraqi ambassador. (AJ)

Ken Livingstone on George Galloway

“I’ve known George for 20 years and there’s always been something about him that you can’t quite put your finger on. You feel that behind all the rhetoric, it’s all about George, its always about George” (The Independent, April 21 2005) (AJ)

The Shame of the Independent

The author William Shawcross has written a letter to the Independent newspaper complaining about their coverage of the death of Marla Ruzicka. Sir: Marla Ruzicka was a brave and selfless woman who did an enormous amount in her short life for innocent victims of conflict. To run the story of her death under the splash headline “The senseless death of the woman who fought George Bush” (19 April) is totally misleading. She was murdered by a suicide bomber in Iraq. Your editorial rightly praised her work and you said her legacy “should put many politicians in America, and in our … Continue reading The Shame of the Independent

Mandela Advisor leads UN team to help Iraqis draft new constitution

Nicholas Fink Haysom was a legal advisor to Nelson Mandela throughout his term of office as president of South Africa. A constitutional expert, Haysom has been designated by the UN to lead its team to work with Iraqis to draft a new constitution. Haysom has vast experience having worked as a consultant on constitutional reform, conflict resolution and good governance in Lebanon, Nigeria, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Sudan, Somalia and Sri Lanka. The UN website expresses its hope that the expertise of the UN team, and the standing of the UN will be used in the process. Any further UN-isation of the … Continue reading Mandela Advisor leads UN team to help Iraqis draft new constitution

Valuing all lives: a tribute to Marla Ruzicka

Marla Ruzicka, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, is remembered by her friends in an article at Common Dreams. Marla sought to record the innocent victims of the conflict in Afghanistan and in Iraq and, as the Independent editorial puts it today, to “put a human face on the victims of US military intervention.” LFIQ concurs that there needs to be an independent and fully funded study to discover the true number of deaths in Iraq not just those of foreign soldiers.