Iraq: Latest Quality of Life Indicators

The Brookings Institute is an independent think-tank based in Washington. It is associated with the liberal wing of US Politics. Every Monday and Thursday it updates a comprehensive Iraq Index, a catalogue of statistics relating to Iraq reconstruction and opinion. The latest quality of life indicators show progress but the pace of improvement remains frustratingly slow. Countries that have pledged donations need to deliver. Reconstruction funds needs to be dispersed. Unemployment remains the number one priority for the new Iraqi government and the coalition. Here are some of the key indicators (AJ):

Labour’s manifesto on Iraq

The Labour Party manifesto says the following: ‘We mourn the loss of life of innocent civilians and coalition forces in the war in Iraq and the subsequent terrorism. But the butchery of Saddam is over and across Iraq 8 million people risked their lives to vote earlier this year. Many people disagreed with the action we took in Iraq. We respect and understand their views but we should now unite to support the fledgling democracy in Iraq. British troops should remain there under a UN mandate as long as the democratically elected Government wants them there. They will continue to … Continue reading Labour’s manifesto on Iraq

Friends will be friends…

RespectWatch is dedicated to exposing and combating George Galloway and his Respect Party. It carries election campaign materials, like this picture and the following factsheet. Jane Ashworth

Watch this on Women in Iraq

Last night’s Newsnight showed a fantastic 10 minutes from Salam Pax, the Baghdad Blogger and Guardian columnist, looking at the role women are playing in building a new Iraq and quite how difficult, and dangerous, that can be. The piece is available on Newsnight until 10pm tonight. Go to video and then 33 minutes into the programme. Jane Ashworth

The pipe of peace?

David Ignatius of the Washington Post examines the possibility of a new oil pipeline through Iraq’s nastiest war zone.

US military elite’s worries about prisoner abuse in Iraq

Columnist Bob Herbert in the New York Times speaks to former members of the US military elite who are horrified by the torture and abuse scandal that has spread through some sectors of the US military. Brig. Gen. James Cullen and Rear Adm. John Hutson have lent their support to New York-based group, Human Rights First, which, along with the American Civil Liberties Union has issued an extraordinary lawsuit that seeks to hold Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ultimately accountable for policies that have given rise to torture and other forms of prisoner abuse.

IFTU reports workers protesting against terror

Iraqi electricity workers march through the streets of Baghdad against terror. The preparatory committee of the Electricity Workers Union, an IFTU affiliate, organized a protest on Thursday 24 March 2005 against terror. Hundreds of protesters supported by many more Iraqis gathered at al-Wazeria district in Baghdad and marched towards the Ministry of Electricity shouting “No, no to terrorism!” Once protesters reached the Electricity Ministry, they delivered a petition calling on the authority to provide security and safety for workers while carrying out their duties and to take serious steps to safeguard the wealth of the nation from criminal acts and … Continue reading IFTU reports workers protesting against terror

Friends of Labour Friends of Iraq praise our work

We are collating views on our work and launching a major fund-raising campaign so that we can maintain and expand our work in boosting solidarity with Grassroots Iraq. Please send your views to our e mail at the bottom left of this page. With thanks, Gary Kent, Director What people say about us Many trade unionists opposed the war. But since the fall of Saddam the priority has been to make solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iraq and to hold the occupying powers to account. Labour Friends of Iraq have made an important contribution to both tasks. They … Continue reading Friends of Labour Friends of Iraq praise our work