A female perspective on trade unionism in Iraq

See this fascinating interview at the International Trade Union Confederation website with Iraqi Kurdish trade unionist Jehan Seleem Ahmed from Dohuk. She underlines how the image of trade unions has improved in the eyes of the young women workers in the region. She says that there is a good level of education in Kurdistan and it is not too difficult to convince women to join a union. There are other regions in Iraq where it would be unthinkable for a man to let his wife take part in a seminar abroad. Here, mentalities are evolving.

Solidarity still needed

The New York Times splashes on an unpublished federal history of the American-led reconstruction of Iraq which, it says, depicts an effort crippled before the invasion by Pentagon planners who were hostile to the idea of rebuilding a foreign country, and then molded into a $100 billion failure by bureaucratic turf wars, spiraling violence and ignorance of the basic elements of Iraqi society and infrastructure. My view is that this illustrates the need for those who are concerned to help Iraqis rebuild their country after so many decades of destruction, war and isolation increasing their efforts in co-operation with civil … Continue reading Solidarity still needed

Iraqi Communist Party views on the Iraqi-American agreement

Media reports about Iraqi Communist Party meeting in Baghdad on the Iraq – U.S. Agreement 31/10/2008 The Iraqi Communist Party organised a big meeting in Baghdad on Friday 30-10-2008 to present its position on the proposed Iraq – U.S. Agreement. The meeting, attended by about 1000 people, was addressed by Hameed Majid Mousa, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the party. The following are excerpts from media coverage of the event as reported by news agencies: The leader of the Iraqi Communist Party, Hameed Majid Mousa, announced the party’s position, rejecting the security agreement in its present form, and … Continue reading Iraqi Communist Party views on the Iraqi-American agreement

LFIQ meets Iraqi Communist Party Organisation to establish dialogue

A delegation of the Iraqi Communist Party Organisation in Britain, led by its secretary Dr Shawkat Al-Asidi and Ali Shawkat, met Dave Anderson MP and Gary Kent of LFIQ at the Commons to establish a formal dialogue between the two organisations. The ICP representatives stressed that their party supported current efforts to achieve national unity, combat sectarianism, build a democratic political process, end foreign military presence and regain full national sovereignty. They pointed out that the party and its leaders have played a role that is respected by other Iraqi forces. Dave and Gary for LFIQ stressed the need for … Continue reading LFIQ meets Iraqi Communist Party Organisation to establish dialogue

Letter from Erbil, Baghdad and Blaydon

At Democratiya Gary Kent brings together two trips to Iraq and one to the North East, concluding that increasingly Iraqi forces are in the driving seat and are fighting to build a federal and democratic country. Iraq is not a lost cause. It may often be out of the news these days, and the progress is fragile, but its civil society and reformers deserve widespread understanding and support.

Journalists unite to defend their rights

Journalists from across Iraq have come together in Erbil to end media killings, saying it is vital that It is vital that media, journalists groups and the authorities continue working together in implementing an efficient safety strategy, and promoting solidarity and reconciliation in the country.

Red kite mark

Iraqi civil society is on the up. It can soar once more, says Gary Kent at Progress 11 August 2008 The reintroduction of the beautiful red kite bird in Blaydon and the revival of Iraq may seem distant but the possible link illustrates how Iraq is changing for the better. The analogy arises from a recent trip to the north-east by Iraqis representing the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Islamic Dawa party of the Iraqi PM, Nourial-Maliki. They were guests of Dave Anderson, the local MP and joint president of LFIQ. We spent hours spotting kites and learning how a … Continue reading Red kite mark

Commons motion welcomes LFIQ delegation

Dave Anderson That this House notes the recent Labour Friends of Iraq delegation to Baghdad as guests of the Islamic Dawa Party to meet the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, his advisers, the Defence Minister, the trade unions, a womens rights group, the head of the Commission for Public Integrity and others; and believes that such engagements should be encouraged more widely along with trade, investment and a wide variety of exchanges for mutual benefit.