Electricity Workers in Kirkuk took a Strike Action

The GFIW reports that electricty workers went on strike at Taza Electricity Plant in Kirkuk.
On Tuesday 13 March 2007 Workers and Technicians at “Taza Plant 15K” outside kirkuk conducted a day strike action calling on the local authorities to improve their security from extremist attacks which aer killing many workers indiscriminately. The strikers also called on the management of the plant to increase their pay.
At another development, on same day workers at Baghdad main electricity plant protested at the Minister of Electricity’s decision to abolish their allowances.

Iraqi opinion poll

It is being reported that twice as many Iraqis think life is better now than under Saddam Hussein, a new poll reveals. And six out of ten deny claims they are living through a civil war. In the survey of 5,000 Iraqis by poll firm Opinion Research Business, 49 per cent said that their life was better now. Only 26 per cent preferred having Saddam in charge. The rest were undecided or said their lives were the same.

LFIQ Joint President Dave Anderson MP raises raid on Iraqi union offices in the Commons

Mr. David Anderson (Blaydon) (Lab): Can my right hon. Friend, or the appropriate Minister, investigate the recent actions of American troops in Iraq, who, on three occasions in the past two weeks, have raided trade union offices, destroyed equipment, confiscated computers and fax machines and arrested some of the employees?
Mr. Straw: I will certainly pass on to the Foreign Secretary the concerns raised by my hon. Friend for the trade union movement in Iraq. Although I know nothing about that particular incident, I know a lot about the bravery and commitment of the trade union officials and movement in Iraq.
LFIQ entirely associates itself with Dave’s question and urges all comrades to support the General Federation of Iraqi Workers
Gary Kent
Director LFIQ

GFIW condemns raids on its head office and calls for solidarity

The GFIW has issued this statement.
Labour Friends of Iraq is deeply concerned to hear of these raids.
On 23 February, American and Iraqi forces raided the head office of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) and arrested one of the Union security staff.
This unprovoked attack resulted in the destruction of furniture, the confiscation of a computer and fax machine and the arrest of employee who was released unharmed later same day.
The same force repeated this unprovoked attack on 25 February and caused further damage.
The GFIW while condemning this unprovoked attack and calls on the occupation forces to issue a written apology, to return all the GFIW property and compensate for the damages they caused to our office.
We call on trade unions around the world to show solidarity by condemning these attacks and sending messages of support to the GFIW.
The GFIW Executive
Baghdad 26 February 2007