Statement of the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI) on the Assassination of Mr. Hadi Saleh, international secretary of Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions-IFTU

A terrorist group has assassinated Mr. Hadi Saleh, a prominent leader and international secretary of Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions-IFTU, Wednesday January 04. 2005 .They assassinated him near his home in Baghdad, in a series of assassination and physical eradication exercised by the terrorist groups. Assassination is tradition by those political groups who have no any connection with Iraqi people and they are trying to implement their policies through threats, assassination persecution and physical eradication. Assassination will not end the path of any progressive political activist and group which determined to struggle for a free and progressive life for Iraqi people.

We express our condolence to his family and his friends.
We condemn strongly this reactionary antihuman action which directed against any human aspect of Iraqi people. We declare in order to guarantee a peaceful and secure live for Iraqi people and to eliminate the current insecure and chaotic situation and scenario of assassination, terror and persecution in Iraq, are only possible through strengthening the progressive front of civil people in Iraq to end the occupation in Iraq and to eliminate the terrorism of political Islam and loyalists of Baath regime.