Iraqi CP Mourns Trade Unionist Leader

Assassinated by Anti-People Terrorists
The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party issued a statement today, 5th January 2005, mourning a prominent trade unionist leader and party member, comrade Hadi Saleh (Abu Furat), who was assassinated in Baghdad in a cowardly act by anti-people terrorist elements and supporters of the ousted dictatorial regime.

Comrade Saleh, a member of the executive bureau of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions and head of its international department, had been a well-known activist over several decades in the clandestine Workers Democratic Trade Union Movement. He returned to Iraq from exile immediately after the collapse of Saddam’s dictatoship in April 2003 and worked tirelessly to rebuild the party and expand its influence. He was also actively involved in defending workers’ rights and establishing the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions, and contributed to developing its ties with regional and international trade union
The statement of the party’s Political Bureau said: “While strongly condemning and denouncing these cowardly acts, which expose the bankruptcy of their perpetrators and their destructive terrorist scheme, we stress that this crime, and others, will not go unpunished. The perpetrators of these crimes will receive just punishment for these vile crimes”.
The statement concluded by conveying warmest condolences to comrade
Saleh’s wife and family, as well as his comrades and friends.