Johann Hari and his critics

Johann Hari of The Independent says that he was terribly wrong to have supported the war in the first place.
He tells us that he had a colossal response to this article and cites as a typical response one from Abdulkhaliq Hussein which says Your article in the Independent today, 20/3/2006, was really disappointing to all of your admirers. You let them down. You changed your mind and switched from pro-war to join the anti-war campaigners, means that you gave in bowed to the aggressors. So instead of blaming the terrorists for this mass killing in Iraq at the hand of the terrorists, you put the blame on Bush and Blair for liberating Iraqi people from the worst dictator in history. If your new stance is right, then it was wrong to stand up against Hitler in the WW II, because that war caused humanity 55 million casualties. So it was better not oppose the Axis sates. Is that fair? Is this is the justice that we are looking for? If the tyrants were left to do as they like because of the possible revenge from their followers, then our glob will be place for the tyrants only and the whole planet population will be living like sheep.
Mohammed from Iraq The Model disagrees with Johann. He is happy to show cynical contempt for the weepers, whiners, teenagers and half educated naive people and their silly rallies. It sometimes appears that if you come from Iraq you are more likely to consider that the suffering may ultimately be worthwhile. (David Spector)