Reconstructing Iraq (5) Iraqi Woman and the Beautiful Game

Iraq’s national women’s football team will participate in the second Arab championship arranged by the Amman Club in Jordan. The first group consists of Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, the Orthodox and Al-Jazeera, the second of Syria, Bahrain, Palestine, Amman Club and Jordan junior team. And no Uday Hussein on hand to torture the players who score own goals. (AJ)

Reconstructing Iraq (4) Explosion in Foreign Language Learning

The Iraqi higher education and scientific research ministry has announced a rapid rise in foreign language learning since the fall of Saddam. Azzaman newspaper reports the Minister as lamenting the disconnection of Iraq from the external world and celebrating the fact that today universities are expanding language departments to cope with demand. (AJ)

Reconstructing Iraq (3): USAID in Iraq

US Agency for International Sevelopment (USAID) works with the Interim Government of Iraq and NGO’s to reconstruct Iraq. To find out more about its work check out March 24 issue of Reconstruction News. (AJ)

Labour MPs to fight on anti-war ticket

According to a report in today’s Independent. The report goes on to say: The Labour Friends of Iraq has launched an attempt to defuse the issue at the election. In a campaign pack, the group admits it might have been wrong for Britain to go into Iraq, but insists: “We are where we are. Today, almost everyone wants a sovereign democratic Iraq. The last thing the Iraqi people need is for us to cut and run now. If the multinational force withdrew tomorrow, there will be a bloodbath, civil war, the Balkanisation of Iraq and the end of the hopes … Continue reading Labour MPs to fight on anti-war ticket