Daily Mirror on Hadi Saleh

Keivn Maguire reports on Hadi Never Died in the Daily Mirror
19,July 2006
IRAQI trade union leader Hadi Saleh was tortured and killed by assassins said to be loyal to Saddam Hussein.
A book commemorating efforts to rebuild unions in Iraq will be launched today in the Commons by his widow and TUC general secretary Brendan Barber.
The war is a disaster, but Hadi’s death reminds us militants are killing countrymen who are working for a fairer Iraq.
The UK and US can’t avoid responsibility. The TUC was all over the place on the war, but deserves praise for trying to help win peace.
Kevin Maguire

Hadi never died

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber pays tribute to slain Iraqi trade union leader, Hadi Saleh as the TUC launches a booklet dedicated to his memory and the success of the Iraqi labour movement. Brendan Barber concludes: The so-called resistance and the religious fanatics are currently engaged in what some trade unionists there have described as genocide against workers. They are fairly clearly trying to stop trade unions from becoming a beacon for a secular, democratic, anti-sectarian and egalitarian civil society. I remember Hadi Saleh, and I want to make sure they fail.

Tehran conference optimism

The Arab League General Secretary is attending a two day meeting of Iraqs neighbour states. He has indicated that he is hopeful that recent developments, and plans to support the Iraqi nation, will result in security and stability (Dave Spector).

Iraqi Association on 7/7

London One Year Later
The people affected by the bombs last July were Christians, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and people of no particular religion! – This has proved once and for all that terrorism does not have a religion. Said Jabbar Hasan, director of Iraqi Association in London.
The foreign policy of a democracy should be determined only by an elected government and its parliament. It is unacceptable even to imply, let alone to assert, that suicide-murderers and a bunch of bloodthirsty fanatics or their representatives acquire the right to any say in how matters are decided.
Last July Londoners received a taste of what life is like for Baghdadi people, whose Muslim faith does not protect them from slaughter at the hands of nihilists who think they are not Muslim enough, or are the wrong Muslim
As British Iraqis we are sick and tired to hear ludicrous arguments that Iraq was the motive behind this sadistic act. The whole argument is frankly pathetic! Bitterness towards government policies cannot justify killing of innocent people. The actions of four heinous cowards last July must be condemned by all. Can’t we all just be humanists? You don’t need to believe in a religion to have morals and ethics, said Jabbar Hasan.
We send our thoughts and prayers to all the family and friends who lost their loved ones last July, and to all the people who are still recovering from injuries. Life has to go on, not forgetting 7/7, but not being the prisoner of that date either.
Iraqi Association is an independent organisation established in 1987 to help Iraqis integrate successfully in this country. Every year the organisation deals with more than 10,000 cases.

News roundup

David Spector brings some snippets that you may have missed
Some success in restoration of Iraq Marshes
The United Nations Environment Programme reports that 58% of the area has now been inundated, although there are doubts as to whether the original vegetation will return. Saddam drained the region because he considered that the population were ready to rebel against him following the 1991 Gulf War.
95% of looted treasures restored
Most of the items that were stolen from the Iraqi Museum after the invasion, have been restored but antiquities smuggling is still funding the insurgency.
School enrolment indicates *evidence of increased prosperity*
Under Saddam enrolment and literacy fell. These trends have been reversed for three consecutive years, with a 7.4% increase in children registered at schools.
Kurdish region attracts foreign investment aiming for Baghdad
Companies intending to invest in Baghdad are starting in the Kurdish region and waiting for security to prevail.