Islam and the draft constitution of Iraqi Kurdistan

This report examines the debate. Since the majority of people in Kurdistan are Muslim, Islam should be a source of legislation, said Ali Karim, head of the Kurdistan Institute for Human Rights. Nevertheless, the constitution has to be a modern one, and conform to all the international documents and conventions on human rights.

Compass and Iraq

Saturday June 17, 2006
The Guardian
Walter Wolfgang (Letters, June 16) dismisses the Compass conference because it includes some “too closely associated with the Blairite New Labour project” who “in no sense can be deemed to have sufficiently repudiated it”. The left needs pluralism rather than talking to the converted and heckling those thought to be renegades. But I agree that Iraq should be discussed at the Compass conference so that its new non-sectarian Labour movement can be supported.
Gary Kent
Director, Labour Friends of Iraq

Global day of solidarity with Iraqi journalists

June 15th is Iraqs National Day of the Press during which there will be demonstrations to highlight the unspeakable suffering of media in a country where the freedom to publish is close to extinction due to ruthless extremists and the targeting of journalists by warring factions. At least 129 media staff have been killed, and hundreds more injured or disabled, during the present conflict. (David Spector)

ICFTU annual survey shows continued interference in union affairs

The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions has criticised the Iraqi government reaction to the rapid unionisation within Iraq. A new labour code has yet to be implemented, which has allowed Saddam era legislation to remain in place. Decree 8750, which allows the government to take control of all monies belonging to the trade unions and prevent them from dispensing any such monies is also attacked.(David Spector)